Preanka Patel (in her second year) – BA Silversmithing & Jewellery, is currently studying at The Sir John Cass facaulty of Art, Architecture and Design University. All of Preanka’s Jewellery is hand-made. She has a major interest in working with a range of materials and detail to create interaction with the viewer. Not only does she interact with her audience but

Currently Preanka is working on a project where she developes her mind to construct jewellery that is highly influenced through architecture and fashion. The structures that are formed in her current catwalk peices are influenced by an architect such as, Frank Gehry conveying the softeness and delicacy of natural folds created around our bodies. Preanka works in small and large-scale, where she shows her understanding of the human body (its scale, proportions and movement) and awareness of sociological and physiological behaviour are key aspects of successful design. Alongside, all of her projects she creates Silversmithing objects at small-scale and in her free time takes pictures – as for inspiration. Preanka’s environmental observation and reflection is documented through a range of media and analysed to support the generation of concepts and design ideas. Preanka begins exploring concepts through visualisation and model making to develop her ideas towards a professional outcome.

Preanka has executed a Catwalk Show at: WHAT? – Kings Square (2012)

Preanka has exhibited at: WHAT? – Parker Gallery, Commercial Road (2012)


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