Academic Background

Sir John Cass

BA (Hons) Jewellery & Silversmithing

Sept 2011 – May 2014

Skills (Some of many):

Stone setting: Tension, Gypsy and Rub Over setting
Box ring: Gypsy settings
Enamelling: Experiment with   metal surfaces
Silicone mould: Produce   a silicone mould from a vacuum form
Laser welding: I am very well   skilled at using this equipment

Brighton Artist Open House: Gerard Street (May 2013)

Having the chance to display and sell handmade 24ct gold plated rings with inspiration behind the beauty of memorable architecture.

Competition in a charity fundraising event: (June 2013)

Spencer Cohen (founder and director of M.A.D) placed a competition with second year Jewellery students where I came third place with highly commended. My creation was a simplistic but yet an effective bangle targeted at modern women between ages 16-50. The theme of the bangle is “Squeeze a Gem a Month” where each coloured gem represents a meaning which then automatically becomes a personal item to the buyer; allowing them to collect and squeeze as many to their desire. My inspiration behind this bangle highly came from an architect named Frank Gehry.

Jewellery runway catwalk shows:

WHAT? – Kings Square (June 2012)

Organized WHAT? with the theme ‘Mythology’ from having real leaves to candle lights to smoke machines, with an audience of around 150 people. In this event I took part as a model wearing my own and another student’s jewellery piece. We raised around £550.

Neo Tribal Movement (May 2013)

Neo Tribal Movement through the vibrant streets of E1; a flash mob catwalk event showcasing the work of second and third year jewellery students. Focusing on placing jewellery on the body within an urban context. This upbeat event started from Aldgate, where the catwalk moved through E1, encompassing Shoreditch and Brick Lane.


WHAT? – Parker Gallery, Commercial Road (Jan 2012)

Front window display – Sir John Cass, Commercial Road (March 2013)


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